Free Astrology Love Compatibility Check by 9 Star Ki astrology

Authorized Edition of Free 9 Star Ki Astrology Love Compatibility Check

By using your birth date, your Love compatibility is checked according to
your 'Honmei Star' (Birth Star) and 'Getsumei Star' (Month Star) in 9 Star Ki Astrology.
This program checks your compatibility with lovers and friends free of charge.

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Compatibility in Thinking
 Love Compatibility Check
    by the 'Honmei Star'

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You can learn your character, behavior and tendencies!
 9 Star Ki Personality
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9 Star Ki astrology has systematized the energy that you were endowed with
according to your birth date, based on 'wood', 'fire', 'soil', 'metal' and 'water',
which are the basics of oriental thoughts represented in nine star. In China, human
beings were said to be closely related to the atmosphere, for they live and spend
their whole life in the atmosphere. 9 Star Ki astrology tells your characteristics and
compatibility with others by classifying the atmosphere into nine and determining
your atmosphere at birth. It is said that your fortune depends on the atmosphere in
which you live your life regardless of your efforts.

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Love Compatibility Check by the 'Honmei Star'

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