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9 Star Ki Astrology is...
9 star has systematized the energy that you were endowed with according to your birth date, based on 'wood', 'fire', 'earth', 'metal' and 'water', which are the basics of oriental thought represented in nine star.

In China, human beings were said to be closely related to the atmosphere, for they live and spend their whole life in the atmosphere. 9 Star Ki astrology tells your characteristics and compatibility with others by classifying the atmosphere into nine and determining your atmosphere at birth. It is said that your fortune depends on the atmosphere in which you live your life regardless of your efforts.

9 classified star control the atmosphere under definite laws by direction, month and year. The '9 star ki' include the following '1water', '2soil', '3wood', '4wood', '5soil', '6metal', '7metal', '8soil' and '9fire'.

Your ‘Honmei Star’(Birth Star)represents the energy that you have by nature, that is, yourself.
The star controlling your birth month is called the ‘Getsumei Star’(Month Star), representing your inborn energy, that is, your behavior.
These two stars influence each other to form your personality.

Generally speaking, you are affected 60-70% by your 'Honmei Star' and 30-40% by your 'Getsumei Star'.
Until your early 20s, especially, you are strongly under the influence of superficial characters indicated by the 'Getsumei Star'. And as you mature mentally, you will be influenced strongly by the 'Honmei Star'.

Everyone is under the influence of both the 'Honmei Star' and the 'Getsumei Star'. And the ratio between the two differs from person to person. 9 Star Ki Astrology has penetrated into Japanese society as is used in the calendar and other places.

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